PLEASE NOTE: The Camel Park Oasis is situated in a remote area of Suffolk where the mobile phone signal is weak and as both of our card payment terminals are on this system we have had many issues with the processing of card payments. It is therefore advisable to bring cash to avoid any inconvenience as the nearest ATM is over 6 miles away.


Meet-A-Camel Sessions

12 noon

Not to be missed, an experienced handler will introduce you to a sitting Camel and you can learn lots about the history, evolution and even the biology of these magnificent creatures. It is really aimed at adults and older children as little ones may find this a bit too much to take in. For the little ones you may find our Cuddle-A-Pet sessions are more entertaining.

Available on selected dates but not during school holidays



• 11.15 am and 2 pm
Ride duration is approximately 8-10 minutes.

An exciting way for the whole family to see the Camel Park, this short journey will introduce you to the camel’s environment. The Land Train runs several times in each session and the ride duration is approximately 8-10 minutes. Sessions are held both in the morning and afternoon.
Check the board at the park for times. Weather permitting.


Cuddle-A-Pet Sessions

• 11.30 am and 2.15 pm
Session duration approximately 30 minutes.

No one can resist our Cuddle-A-Pet sessions. Hands on sessions for all the family with some of our smaller pets.
All of our hands-on animal sessions are supervised by ourselves so come and meet our rabbits and guinea pigs. In the interest of hygiene we have to insist that everyone uses the handwashing facilities provided immediately after the sessions.
There are morning and afternoon sessions.


Camel Ride Sessions

Camel Ride Sessions
• 12.30 pm and 3 pm

Now you can be Lawrence of Arabia, take a supervised ride on one of our friendly Camels, it’s a treat not to be missed and is something to talk about for years to come. There is a minimum age restriction for camel rides (8 years and above including adults ride singly, 3 to 7 year olds ride with an adult). 
There is also an extra charge for Camel rides, this is in addition to the admission charge to enter the Camel Park.
In extreme weather conditions the rides may not take place. There are morning and afternoon sessions.

Make sure you have your camera with you! Camel rides are not suitable for pregnant women or very small children.’

‘These are our shorter camel rides which take around 10/12 minutes per ride. If you are looking for a longer camel ride (20/25 minutes), these are available as part of our Special Experience Day packages – see separate page here.

The above times are for school holiday period and weekends. Times on other days by arrangement.


Llama/Alpaca Walks By Arrangement

Why not take one of our Llamas/Alpacas for a walk, they really look forward to this treat and it’s lots of fun. There is an
extra charge for the Llama/Alpaca walks and this is in addition to the admission charge to enter the Camel Park.

Visit the Wild Camel Protection Foundation

Camel Park Oasis actively supports this foundation. The wild Camel is the eighth most endangered large mammal on the planet, as seen on David Attenborough’s ‘A Perfect Planet’ recently.
Visit Wildcamels.com to learn more and also read our information boards at the Park.

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